Ever thought a custom made bedhead in Melbourne can raise the charm-quotient of your home? Unlike the other rooms of your house, your bedroom is sure to be a sanctuary where you spend much of your time. And let’s be honest. Having the same old furniture as everyone else around the block will give you no pleasure. Custom pieces designed keeping your ideas in mind, however, are a different matter altogether. With your home showcasing a lot of your life, you may want it to be the perfect escape for you. This includes having furnishings that are unique to you and your home.
While your living room will have a lot of pieces that you can customise to your preference, more often than not your bedroom has just one – the bed.
So, when you choose the right bedding to match your requirements, a custom bedhead is just the thing you need to complete the look of the room. With the way you have it designed, your custom bedheads in Melbourne can be the highlight of the room, making the whole space look ethereal.
Custom Bedheads
Custom Bedheads
Custom Bedheads


Your desire for a custom bed head in Melbourne that is special and personal to you is exactly what we strive to achieve at Avo Studio. Quality being paramount to us, we focus on creating designs that cut no corners.

We, at Avo Studio, specialise in custom bedheads in Australia that appeal to your tastes, carefully crafting every design to uphold our standards of quality. From the size of the headboard and the material used to the shape and type of mountings, you can choose from an eclectic range of options to help us design one that is just right for your home.

We make sure your custom bedhead in Melbourne is tailored exactly to your requirements by taking into account your preference for the fabrics used, the colour palettes, the bed head shape and design, and the patterns adorning the bed head. Whether you’re looking for something extravagant to jazz up your space or something minimal yet classy, Avo Studio is the place to be.

No matter what the size of the bed, we can create exquisite bedheads to suit the theme of your living space and make it all come together beautifully. From the intricate carving and the detailing on the bedhead to the fabrics used and the colours chosen, all of it is carefully worked on to complement the room.

To keep your bedheads in an ideal condition for long, our custom bedheads also come with slip covers that are customisable and easy to maintain. You can choose from an eclectic range of slip cover fabrics and patterns to complement your bed heads. The cherry on the top is that we design, craft, and deliver your custom bedhead and upholstery within the committed timelines, crafting every item right here in Melbourne and eliminating the risk of product damage during transportation.

At Avo Studio, we aim to craft pieces that stand the test of time and give your homes and commercial spaces an evergreen element that never goes out of style.


At Avo Studio, we believe in giving life to designs that you envision for your homes. If you’re looking for advice to enhance your ideas of a custom made bedhead in Melbourne, our team is here to understand your requirements and suggest enhancement for designs and outcomes that exceed your expectations. You can discuss your vision with us and get a quote for the custom design you prefer.

We dedicatedly work to create flawless pieces and deliver them to you in good time!

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Custom Bedheads

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