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Banquette halls and restaurant booths are as much part of the establishment’s charm as the ambience and hospitality. Avo Studio helps keep that charm high with its solutions of banquette and booth seating in Melbourne, Australia. Having entered the field in recent years, we are a blend of the old and the new, the vintage and the trendy, offering contemporary seating ideas that are out-of-the-box and perfect for your business.

While Avo Studio is based in Melbourne, we aim to collaborate with businesses and clients across Australia, offering them quality and affordable solutions for bespoke banquette seating and booth seating. Having worked with quite a few clients since our inception, we have given life ideas with custom furniture for our commercial clients. We are known to carry out upholstery projects as well as re-upholstery, creating newer designs by repurposing the old.

We are invested, heart and soul, in creating furniture that is suited to your business needs and persona, with attention to detail as our core strength. Whatever the scale of the project we make sure we produce furniture with a beautiful finish with no room for error. With our business being a small one where we are undeniably committed to every project personally, we are able to create end-products that surpass the quality of similar products available at high-end stores.

From custom banquette seating in Australia to bespoke booth seating, we’re open to discussing some fabulous ideas with our clients about their expectations from us and the kind of designs we have in mind. Our aim is to help businesses realise that custom furniture can be both beautiful and affordable if you have the right business to help you achieve your goals.

The materials we use, the designs we create, and the end-product are all high quality, with functionality and comfort as the goal we endeavour to achieve. Whether you are looking for custom seating for the indoors or own a business that also caters to the outdoors, we can help create seating that is ideal for both settings all year round.

You can get in touch with our team to understand the kind of projects we have completed so far and what you can expect from us for your hospitality business.

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