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Keeping in mind a large number of mass-created unique beds in Australia readily available, AVO Studio guarantees that our custom bedhead administration is a phenomenal method of bringing a touch of individual character into your room.

How can we help you in landing on your perfect Custom Bedhead design?

AVO Studio guarantees the top-quality custom bedhead and takes you through the following process:

Choose your style.

From stylish curves to sophisticated designs, our bedheads in Australia will certainly create a focal point in your room. You can choose from three different unique beds Australia types: wall-mounted, floor-standing, or bedheads with struts.

Pick the Correct Size

There are no firm principles with regards to the size you decide for an upholstered bedhead in your main room. You can pick one that is a size bigger than your bed and, in the process, make it an astounding point of convergence for the whole room.

If your bedhead design is mounted on the wall, pick a similar size as your bed or bigger.

The size of the bedhead should depend on the size of the place you want to keep the bed in. If the room is small and you choose a larger bedhead, the place can feel cramped.

Select the Padding

Consider what kind of cushioning you need on your new upholstered bedhead. You can pick slim cushioning, a medium thickness, and overstuffed cushioning.

If you incline toward your upholstered bedhead to stare at the TV in bed or to utilize your PC, you will no doubt need a medium to high thickness of padding for incredible comfort on your back and bears and the most extreme in usefulness.

Select the Fabric

You will have no issue picking the fabrics when you have a custom bedhead upholstered for your bed. AVO Studio offers luxury linens, wools, velvets and geometric prints to facilitate your choice.

You should choose a fabric that matches another style in your room, for example, the very kind of texture that your curtains or an upholstered sofa is made of. This will give your room coherence.

You ought to pick a fabric that is delicate, like velvet, chenille or wool. Remember that you don’t have to adhere to one single tone or texture

Select the Accessories

Decide if you want to have additional details such as studs, piping, and other furnishings are all that you can add to your custom bedhead.

Some incredible options include shells, blossoms, creatures, and geometrical shapes or some other thing you can envision.

Shown price is the starting price only and depend on the fabric selection and required dimensions.
Please contact our team prior to placing your order.

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